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Energy Bill Warning - HB 14


UPDATE: 5/20/11 The Chicago Sun Times and Associated Press are reporting that
"Gov. Pat Quinn says he is hopeful legislation to modernize electricity delivery systems is headed in the right direction with a new version of the bill being discussed.

The legislation would install smart meters that would tie utilities’ energy output more closely to home energy demand. But some worry utility companies are asking ratepayers to finance improvements that investors should handle.

Quinn opposes the bill’s earlier form that allowed utility rate hikes without government approval. He said the original version was “as dead as a duck.”

The newer version shortens the time period of rate reviews by the Illinois Commerce Commission from 11 months to eight months." ASCO is not sure whether we would have to foot the cost of the "smart meters" and if so would the cost be paid back to us over a reasonable period of time.

UPDATE: 5/07/11 Sen. Heather Steans has notified us that the bill is still under negotiation. She said that if Atty General Lisa Madigan, who is leading the negotiations, gets a good bill that she can support she will vote for it. Newly appointed 14th District State Rep. Kelli Cassidy will oppose it unless there are major changes. Jen Walling, the new Executive Director of Environment Illinois has notified ASCO that her organization is opposing HB14. ASCO is suggesting that its members write Lisa Madigan and encourage her to hang tough. If you are in another district, we suggest you contact both your Senator and Representative and tell them NO! VOTE NO!

ASCO has been in contact with Senator Heather Steans and State Representative Harry Osterman to ask for their opposition to HB 14. The bill, which allows energy producing companies like ComEd and Ameren to raise their rates without going through the full ICC process, is also opposed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan and AARP.

AARP bought a paid advertisement in Capital Fax listing several reasons for opposing the bill. Their position agrees with ASCO's position that the deregulation of energy costs would place a severe burden on their constituents.

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Welcome to the ASCO website


ASCO, the Association of Sheridan Condo/Co-op Owners in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The organization was founded over 40 years ago and is active in both community and condominium issues. Click here to learn more about the ASCO organization.

We also have a newsletter using the Constant Contact system. Subscriptions to the newsletter are free to all residents and unit owners in ASCO member buildings. To subscribe please click here.

We have temporarily closed registration to our website due to spam. We will continue to post information on this site and you will be able to continue to read it. However, you will not be able to register to post messages.

Sheli Lulkin
ASCO President

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ASCO Asks Help from LPAC in Upgrading North End of Park

Once again ASCO has asked the Lincoln Park Advisory Council for assistance in repairing and developing the Edgewater portion of Lincoln Park. LPAC agreed that this portion of the park is short of amenities and has voted to make it a priority. Lincoln Park is Chicago's largest park and extends north to Ardmore or Thorndale, depending on Lake levels.

The following items were passed on to the Chicago Park District, again.

1. Repave bike path north of Foster and create soft shoulders for pedestrians.
2. Rehabilitate and landscape Contemplation Point
3. Create focus point at Hollywood west of curve
4. Remove invasive dune grass from west part of Osterman beach and behind the Surfside.
5. Landscape Osterman Beach House
6. Replace Hollywood Park playground equipment
7. Develop plan for beautification of “The Meadows” and a playground..

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ASCO Presents “wish list” to Alderman Smith

The following “wish list” was given to Alderman Mary Ann Smith's staff at her request. Each year she held a pizza and beer party for her 48th Ward Zoning and Planning Committee. Organizations participating were asked to bring a wish list for the coming year. ASCO has always presented a list even though it often contained the same items.

December 8, 2010

These are our requests for infrastructure and other expenditures for 2011 for the 48th Ward. Many are from previous years.

1. Rebuild the infrastructure of Sheridan Road, including new paving and countdown pedestrian & advance lighting
2. Pedestrian light on both sides of Sheridan Road from Foster to Devon.
3. Pedestrian lighting from Broadway to Sheridan on Glenlake, Thorndale, Ardmore, Catalpa, Balmoral.
4. Streetscape on Sheridan Road
5. Purchase lot north of Dominick's (Foster & Sheridan) & development into a bus station & driver comfort facility.
6. Renovation of the playground in Hollywood Park, behind St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox.Church.
7. Red light camera for Ardmore and Sheridan.
8. Beautification of Thorndale's east street end.
9. Improve public safety at Broadway & Granville and Granville & Sheridan intersections.
10. Install a 3 tier drinking fountain in park at 6151 N. Sheridan
11. Reduce bicycle riding on Sheridan Road sidewalks through enforcement of ordinance & maintenance of alternate routes.
12. Repaving & relighting of alleys west of Sheridan between Foster and West Sheridan.
13. Repair of Glenlake between Broadway and Sheridan.
14. Increase emptying of waste containers at bus stops.

Thank you for your consideration.

ASCO Board of Directors

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ASCO General Counsel Michael Kim Launches Website

ASCO General Counsel Michael C. Kim has launched his website. He invites you to visit at www.MKimlaw.com.

He is the principal of Michael Kim & Associates. His practice is focused on condominium and homeowner association law, construction law, real estate law and civil Iitigation. He has been involved in condominium practice for over 30 years.

An adjunct professor with the John Marshall Law School, he has taught at the School's Graduate Program in Real Estate Law on condominium, cooperative and common interest community law. Mike co-authored the Historical and Practice Notes to the Illinois Condominiurn Property Act, has long been active in legislative efforts involving the Act and has written extensively on condominium law and issues, including articles published by the John Marshall Law School, Community Associations Institute (CAI) (both National and Illinois) and the Association of Condominium, Townhome and Homeowners Associations (ACTHA).

He also served as president of CAI-lllinois, during which time he encouraged use of alternative dispute resolution for community associations. Mike has served as chair of the Real Property Law Committee of the Chicago Bar Association as well as its Condominium Law Subcommittee and also as chair of the Condominium Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association Real Estate Law Section Council. He is a member of the American Bar Association's Forum on Construction Law and its Real Property Law Section.

His pro bono activities have included work to develop affordable condominiums for low income families with Uptown Habitat for Humanity and work as General Counsel to the Association of Sheridan Condo Co-op Owners (ASCO).

On a personal note, he has served as President, Treasurer and Secretary of a condominium association.

In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Mike was recognized as an Illinois "SuperLawyer" by Law & Politics which conducted an extensive, selective search process. In 2010 and 2011, he was recognized as an Illinois "Leading Lawyer" by the Leading Lawyers Network. He has achieved an "AV" peer review rating with Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, indicating the highest level of legal ability and ethics.

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Sheridan Road Planters

As a part of an ongoing beautification program,  planting is done in 19 planters along Sheridan Road twice a year, from West Sheridan to Balmoral, winter and summer. The planting for summer will be around Memorial Day, when we have planted earlier we have had weather problems.

Thanks to Gethsemane Garden Center for all of their years making the planters so beautiful  and to our ASCO buildings. Berger Park and Emanuel Congregation for maintaining them. The planting for the winter will be done around Thanksgiving. The greater part of our budget goes to maintaining our planters.

Thanks to the city for helping us get used planters. The few new ones we have were purchased with an Illinois First grant obtained by Senator Carol Ronen.

Sandy Chaet, Vice-president

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